Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School updates its name

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore has changed its name to Duke-NUS Medical School, Dean Thomas Coffman, MD, announced in an email on Monday.

Since its inception in 2005, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore has established its reputation with high-calibre students and notable research achievements.  The School has also been part of an emerging and vibrant Academic Medical Centre developed with the Singapore Health Services group (“SingHealth”) on the Outram Campus.

In its formative years, it was important to mention "Graduate" in the school's name, to denote "graduate-entry," referring to the requirement that applicants must at minimum hold an undergraduate degree. However, some challenges pertaining to the School’s official name have arisen through the years. For example, applicants and medical professionals tend to confuse the term “Graduate Medical School” with residency and fellowship training, which is also generally referred to as graduate medical education.

To solidify the School’s identity and further strengthen its position with other successful international medical schools, approval has been given to shorten the School’s name to Duke-NUS Medical School.