Faculty Spotlight: Amy Corneli, PhD

Friday, February 3, 2017

Meet Amy Corneli, PhD, Associate Professor of Medicine. Before coming to Duke General Internal Medicine a year and a half ago, most of her research was conducted outside of the U.S., primarily sub-Saharan Africa but also in the Middle East and Asia. Her main area of expertise has been biomedical HIV Prevention. Get to know more about Dr.Corneli in our interview below. 

Where do you work?
My office is located at the DCRI in North Pavilion, and all my research is currently in the U.S.  

What are your interests in the field?
I have a long history of conducting qualitative research that is either embedded within (to explore trial-related behaviors such as adherence and participant satisfaction) or to inform clinical research (such as recruitment and retention strategies) as well as using formal and informal methods to engage participants, stakeholders, and communities in clinical research development and implementation. Most of this work has been in biomedical HIV prevention.  I also conduct research in bioethics, particularly on the informed consent process.

"I learned early on that if you engage and work in partnership with the people who will participate in your research... your research has a better chance of being successful"

How did you get into this specific field?
I learned early on that if you engage and work in partnership with the people who will participate in your research—and who will ideally be the beneficiaries of your research findings—your research has a better chance of being successful (and enjoyable).

Can you tell me more about your research?
I recently completed NIH-funded research on identifying empirically-based strategies for shortening informed consent forms in clinical research.  The findings are quite timely given the recent revision to the U.S. federal regulations on human subject research. 

What hobbies or interests do you have outside of work?
My house backs up to Carolina North Forest, the woodlands between Chapel Hill and Carrboro. I frequently walk in the forest with my husband, Reb, and 7-year-old daughter, Nalah, who loves exploring what’s living in the stream and figuring out how to cross the large rocks without falling in (see photo to left). 

Have you taken any trips recently that you would like to tell us about?
My step-son, Noah, graduated from high school last summer, and for a graduation trip of his choosing we went to California and visited San Francisco and Yosemite.

What is your favorite restaurant?
A great Malaysian restaurant in Southern Village (Chapel Hill) called Rasa Malaysia.

Fun Fact!
I have worked or vacationed in 35 countries. Exploring new cities is a favorite pastime, especially areas that are off of the beaten path.