Feeney + Shah honored with Clinical Innovation Awards

Friday, July 26, 2019

Duke Hospital Medicine has announced the recipients of this year's "Clinical Innovation Awards". These awards were established in Spring 2018 to help identify the next wave of hospital medicine faculty-led clinical innovation projects delivering effective, equitable, safe, high value, and patient/family-centered care for our patients and their loved ones. This year's recipients were Colby Feeney, MD and Suchita Shah Sata, MD

Medicine-Pediatrics Service Line
Recipient: Colby Feeney, MD
This project will focus on the development, implementation, and evaluation of a novel inpatient service line on general medicine reserved for the care of young adults with chronic conditions of childhood. 

TRUEValue: Transparency in Utilization to increase Efficiency and Value
Recipient: Suchita Shah Sata, MD
This project  will focus on the design and implementation of a system for delivering high value care for hospitalized patients by utilizing evidence-based quality improvement techniques, such as audit and feedback. 

Congratulations, Dr. Feeney and Dr. Shah!