GIM Annual Service Awards

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Duke General Internal Medicine would like to congratulate the following faculty and staff members on their service and commitment to excellence to Duke and the division of GIM over the years. 

30+ Years

Jeannette Stein, MD
L. Thomas Barber, MD
Douglas McCrory, MD
Eugene Oddone, MD
David Matchar, MD
Janet Vasey, MD
Veronica Ray, MD
Kathleen Waite, MD
Faye Banks, MD
David Simel, MD
Roy Williams, MA
Eric Westman, MD
Martha Adams, MD

25 Years

Thomas Owens, MD
David Edelman, MD
Lawrence Greenblatt, MD

20 Years

Kevin Waters, MD
Patricia Bunn
Clay Musser, MD
Wendy Henderson, MD
Will Yancy, MD
Leslie Clayton
Carol Hammond, PhD
Maria Fakadej, MD PhD

15 Years

William Knaack, MD
Catherine Stanwyck
Daniel Kaplan, MD
Brian Griffith, MD
Bruce Peyser, MD
Saumil Chudgar, MD
Corrine Voils, PhD
Cara O'Brien, MD
Jane Kim, MD
Jonathan Bae, MD
Jerome Ecker, MD
Susanne Haga, PhD

10 Years

Ryan Schulties, MD
Cecily Peterson, MD
Deborah Morris, MD
Brian Wolf, MD
Jonathan Lovins, MD
David Halpern, MD
Joanna Kipnes, MD
Eric Chu, MD
Katherine Neal, MD
Lisa Vann, MD
Nilesh Patel, MD
Amber Walters, RN 

5 Years

Brian Hayes, MD
J. Trig Brown, MD
Neil Stafford, MD
Audrey Metz, MD
Kambiz Soheili, MD, PhD
Eric Poon, MD
Jenny Vann Kirk, MD
Patrick Hemming, MD
Lynn Keplinger, MD
Clarissa Diamantidis, MD
Aparna Kamath, MD
Suchita Shah Sata, MD
Faye Farber, MD
Jacquelyn Bolwell, MD
Elizabeth Hankollari, MD
James Kelly, MD
Caroline Sloan, MD
Clare Il'Giovine
Oliver Glass, PhD
Jeffrey Clough, MD
Laura Caputo, MD
Kimberly Lim, MD
Sonal Patel, MD
Robin Byrd