Gray's graphic medicine

Friday, March 29, 2019

AAHPM Quarterly, Spring 2019
The doodling Dr. Nathan Gray is at it again! A new drawing was published in the most recent issue of the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine's AAHPM Quarterly. His work entitled Zen Garden, features 3 Zen monks sitting with the caption: "OK, which one of you scratched the word 'HELP' into the Zen garden?"

Gray says the cartoon is a playful reminder to pay attention to signs that a colleague may be suffering with distress in the line of duty. "Unfortunately, those cries for help may not always be quite as obvious as someone writing it down in the sand."

"The Doctor"
Dr. Gray also got quite a bit of online circulation recently out of a cartoon he did of a famous painting called "The Doctor" by Sir Luke Fildes. Gray's version shows a doctor turned away from the patient, facing a computer screen. "It encourages us to be mindful of where we place our attention in this consuming digital age," says Gray. His tweet got 461 likes and 220 retweets (as of 3/29/19).

AAHPM Meeting 
Gray also got to spread his drawing skills to others when he taught a session on the power of comics in palliative medicine at the annual AAHPM assembly in Orlando, Florida.  "I was also excited to get to spend time at our national conference (AAHPM) talking about ways that comics and cartoons can help us as we strive to be better healthcare providers."

For more from Dr. Gray visit his website collection: The Ink Vessel, cartoons on life and medicine.
Follow Dr. Gray on Twitter: @NathanAGray