Hemming accepted to program to improve worklife conditions

Sunday, March 5, 2017

We are pleased to announce the acceptance of Dr. Patrick Hemming to the WELL (Wellness Engaged Longitudinal Leaders) Program, which builds a community of “Wellness Champions”, from GIM and other primary care fields, who can improve worklife conditions at their home institution as well as take their knowledge to other institutions facing stress and burnout.

The program was created by the Association of Chiefs and Leaders in General Internal Medicine (ACLGIM), an organization founded by the Society of General Internal Medicine (SGIM). 

This opportunity goes along well with Hemming's central theme of work in medicine, which is: 

  1. To help patients cope with the challenges of being a medical patient
  2. To help medical providers cope with the challenges of being the medical providers for their patients

"I'm excited to bring back new ideas to our division at Duke."

Hemming stated, "The ACLGIM WELL program is an opportunity to better understand how I and others at Duke can do goal #2 so that we can effectively accomplish goal #1.  I'm excited to bring back new ideas to our division at Duke."

This year-long program includes an in-person training session and continued discussion and collaboration via an online community, all led by Dr. Mark Linzer, Division Director in GIM at Hennepin County Medical Center. Pearl: Dr. Linzer was the second Chief of Duke General Internal Medicine, serving here from 1985-1988. He is a renowned authority on physician burnout and stress.

Congratulations, Dr. Hemming!