Improving clinical training in Singapore

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Larry Greenblatt, MD, and Nilesh Patel, MD, travelled to Singapore in November to continue their project to improve clinical training for 2nd and 4th year students at Duke-NUS

"We work closely with GIM (DIM there) faculty and have provided faculty development in efficient, interactive teaching in busy clinical settings and also in teaching in groups composed of multi-level learners," says Greenblatt.

While in Singapore, they were able to:

  • make rounds with the DIM faculty and provide feedback
  • lead interactive workshops in dealing with difficult learners and in using evidence-based information resources in the clinical environment 
  • provide mentorship in improving morning report
  • provide consultation to a group of resident leaders planning a longitudinal leadership course

Greenblatt adds, "we will soon begin working in other clinical areas and will soon begin collaboration with the Department of Surgery."


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