Internal Medicine Residency News, Jan. 28, 2019

Monday, January 28, 2019

From the Director

WE DID IT! Thanks to all for an awesome recruitment effort! It takes the whole #dukefamily to bring in a great new class, and we appreciate everyone’s hard work with dinners, tours, my takes, talking with applicants, amazing reports, phenomenal chair’s conferences, etc., etc. to make it happen. Special thanks to our Dave B. and our Med Res recruitment crew for your hard work, with a big kudos to Ernest for stepping into the recruitment role this year!

We had a great time celebrating Dr. G’s birthday at the “Pro-state Bowl” yesterday in Forest Hills Park. Many thanks to the residents, faculty, fellows and significant others who helped make this happen. And Happy Birthday Dr. G!


Kudos this week go to MSIV Erin Song for great work in the VA MICU from Katie Charles, to Shannon Niedermeyer and David Fuller for fantastic SAR talks, to Nick Ashur and Stacy Bagrova from Qasim Husseini for their amazing work on VA GM, and also to VA GM attendings Drs. Corey and Lyles for their teaching. More kudos to Katie Charles and Toi Spates from Joe Lerman for their fantastic teaching and support from the VA CCU. Kudos as well to Lauren Donnangelo from Marie Carlson for taking time to recognize some very helpful VA Nurses after a challenging event with a sick patient. And many thanks and kudos to our my take team of Tamara Saint Surin, Becca Lumsden, and Micah Schub, as well as our tour guides Bryan Golubski, Chidi Egwim, Shannon Niedermeyer, and Taylor Triana. Apologies if I missed someone.

PubMed from the Program
This week’s pubmed from the program goes to all who had NC ACP posters accepted:  Alie Mara, Jordan Gales, Jessie Gu, Anmol Singh, Corey Bradley, Justin Yoo, Shannon Niedermeyer, Govind Krishnan, Jeremy Brooksbank, Matt Tucker, Nicholas Kamp, and Erin Frost!

Have a great week!

Tony Galanos and Andy Mumm high five

residents high five at football game

group photo of participants at residency football game

Clinic Corner: Ambulatory

Contributed by Daniella Zipkin

Ambulatory Threads
We have heard your feedback on the threads and we are delighted that, by and large, things are going well! This half of the year, Winn did a lot of adjusting to make the issues with travel distance easier. We are grateful that academic half day has also been going well, and we are sharing your feedback with attendings. Please keep your thoughts and ideas coming!

Morning Report
We have heard your feedback regarding some repetition and other concerns with morning report, and we are strategizing some changes to freshen things up. Stay tuned!

Primary Care “Immersion” Blocks
We are building a format where residents going into primary care can link two ambulatory blocks in their SAR year to build a month long experience that will include seminars with GIM faculty and opportunities to have clinical and leadership experiences outside of your continuity clinic. Details coming soon! If you are considering primary care and haven’t shared that yet, please do let Dani know.

From the Chief Residents

Morning Report and MGR: Jan. 28-Feb. 1, 2019
Date Topic Lecturer Time Location


David Leiman 7:15 a.m. DUH 8253
1/29/19 Case Presentation Alissa Stavig to Aimee Zaas 7:15 a.m.

DUH 8253


Cost Conscious Care Case

Cindy Pabon to Joel Boggan 7:15 a.m.

DUH 8253



David Ortiz-Melo 7:15 a.m. DUH 8253

Medicine Grand Rounds: Obesity Management: How a Comprehensive Approach Can Lead to a Spectrum of Health Improvements

William Yancy, MD

8 a.m. DUH 2002
Academic Half Day: Feb. 1, 2019
Thread Topic Lecturer Time Location

SpA & Non-Inflammatory Back Pain

Fatigue & Arthralgias

Tayseer Haroun

Sophia Weinmann & Beatrice Hong

9:15 a.m.

10:30 a.m.

VA NG032

Clinical ECGs

Lipid Management

Tom Bashore

Michael Blazing

9:15 a.m.

10:30 a.m.

VA C8016


Noon Conference: Jan. 28-Feb. 1, 2019
Date Topic Lecturer Time Location Lunch

SAR Lecture: Management of ETOH and Narcotic Withdrawl

Katie Charles

12:10 p.m.

DUH 2002


1/29/19 ACS Ann Marie Navar

12:10 p.m.

DUH 2002

Dale's Indian

1/30/19 SAR Lecture: Primary Prevention of cardiometabolic disease Wynn Hunter

12:10 p.m.

DUH 2002

China King
1/31/19 EPIC hacks Kyle Geurink & Alex Sullivan

12:10 p.m.

DUH 2001

Firehouse Subs

Chair's Conference 

Sarah Norton

12 p.m.

DUH 2002

Duke Gen Med Conference Schedule: Jan. 28-31, 2019
Date Topic Lecturer Time

SAR Report


Intern Orientation

Filley Howe to Diana McNeill

Dr. Cooney with Howe, Sullivan and Lackey

Jenny Van Kirk

1 p.m.

3 p.m.

4 p.m.


SAR Report

Intern Report

Ryan Anderson to Dr. Govert

Lonnie Sullivan to Aimee Zaas

1:15 p.m.

3 p.m.


SAR Report 

Amadea Britton presents to Aimee Zaas

1:15 p.m.


SAR Report 

Intern Report - Hospitalist Series 

Shannon Niedermeyer to Joel Boggan


1:15 p.m.

3 p.m.

From the Residency Office

#ProudtobeGIM Gathering
In partnership with the Society of General Internal Medicine, the GIM divisions Duke and UNC are joining forces to host our Inaugural #ProudtobeGIM gathering on Wed., Feb. 27, from 6 to 9 p.m. We will be gathering at the University Club, enjoying food and drink and looking out over Chapel Hill and Durham from the 17th Floor of University Towers (3100 Tower Blvd. in Durham). Please RSVP here.

DukeMed Hoops Watch
Don't forget to RSVP for Duke Medical Alumni Association's Duke v. UNC game viewing party, 8:30 p.m. on Feb. 20. RSVP here.

Primary Care Fellowship at Duke
Duke Community and Family Medicine is accepting applications for its Primary Care Transformation Fellowship. Deadline to apply is Feb. 1, 2019. Learn more.

Free Membership to AAHPM
The American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine is offering free student and resident membership as of Jan. 1, 2019. Membership includes access to the membership discussion platform, ability to enroll in the Mentor Match, electronic version to the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, and more. Learn more.

Feeling down? Need to talk to someone? Opportunities for Wellness
All trainees at Duke have FREE access to Personal Assistance Services (PAS), which is the faculty/employee assistance program of Duke University. The staff of licensed professionals offer confidential assessment, short-term counseling, and referrals to help resolve a range of personal, work, and family problems. PAS services are available free of charge to Duke faculty and staff, and their immediate family members. An appointment to meet with a PAS counselor may be arranged by calling the PAS office at 919-416-1PAS (919-416-1727), Monday through Friday between 8:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. For assistance after hours, residents and fellows can call the Blood and Body Fluid Hotline (115 inside DUH, 919-684-1115 outside) for referral to behavioral health resources. Another resource is Duke Outpatient Psychiatry Referrals at (919) 684-0100 or 1-888-ASK-DUKE.

Upcoming Dates and Events

  • Jan. 30 - Weekly Wednesday Social
  • Feb. 4-8 - Mentoring Week
  • Feb. 7 - JAR Networking Night
  • Feb. 20 - Duke v. UNC Game Watch
  • Feb. 22 - Duke IM Charity Auction
  • March 15 - Match Day Party!