Internal Medicine Residency News, Oct. 22, 2018

Monday, October 22, 2018

From the Director

It’s We Care Week! Did you know we have been doing We Care Week for the past 8 years (including this one), leading to more than $20,000 donated to various charities? Pretty cool. Don’t forget to bring your lunch and feel good that you are doing good for someone else. 

I had a great time representing Duke IM in Iceland this past weekend for the retirement of their former Dean, and I got to spend time with former Duke resident and ID fellow Dr. Magnus Gottfredsson, as well as many others with connections to Duke. It makes me so proud of what we do here to see our #DukeFamily ties spreading across the world!

Thank you so much to the Resco SoCo for their AMAZING email with upcoming events. We’ve got a lot of fun things to round out Doctoberfest and then we crash right into “Movember,” where we are joining forces with Duke GU Oncology to support prostate cancer care, and then of course RECRUITING and TURKEY BOWL. Keep an eye on Slack for all the events!

Please get your flu shot this week if you have not done so!


Kudos this week go to Todd Brophy and Adam Brock for outstanding SAR talks and to Nick Kamp for an excellent chair’s conference. Other kudos to Grace Lee from Anthony Horton for outstanding work on VA Gen Med, to Sean Doerfler from Drs. Kuhn, Turner and Jessica Melton (VP Med-Surg Critical Care) for his recognition of Catie from 8200 and her outstanding nursing care (kudos to Catie of course, as well!), to Claire Smith from the 5-3 nursing staff at DRH, to Alex Sullivan from Dani Zipkin for outstanding management and documentation at the DOC, and to Nancy Yang and Cassie Lautredou from Nicholas Koutlas for outstanding cross cover of a very sick veteran on VA GM. And kudos to Kim Cocce and Lonnie Sullivan from Neil Freedman for excellent work on Cardiology Consults!

Congratulations to Joe Lerman, Akash Goyal and Austin Wesevich who all got married within the past two weeks!

PubMed from the Program
This week’s pubmed from the program goes to Matt Labriola on his abstract accepted to the SITC Oncology Conference, "Characterization of tumor mutational burden (TMB) and homologous recombination repair (HRR) mutations to assess correlation with immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs) response in renal cell carcinoma."

Have a great (we care) week!

From the Chief Residents

Morning Report and MGR: Oct. 22-26, 2018
Date Topic Lecturer Time Location

Dermatology for the Internist

Sarah Wolfe 7:15 a.m. DUH 8253
10/23/18 CKD Cases Harpreet Singh 7:15 a.m.

Pickett Road


Depression and Anxiety

Paul Riordan 7:15 a.m. DUH 8253

Case Presentation

Anmol Singh and Harvey Cohen 7:15 a.m. DUH 8253

Medicine Grand Rounds: William H. Kane Hematology Lecture: Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia; Still A Journey, The Destination Is In Sight

John G. Kelton, MD

8 a.m. DUH 2002


Noon Conference: Oct. 22-26, 2018
Date Topic Lecturer Time Location Lunch


SAR Fellowship Q&A

Sean Porkorney

Aimee Zaas

12:10 p.m.

DUH 2002

We Care Week
10/23/18 SAR Lecture: Acute Liver Injury

Nicole Pristera

12:10 p.m.

DUH 2003

We Care Week

10/24/18 SAR Lecture MP: Don't Panic: Training for the Stress of Resuscitation Sarah Cohen

12:10 p.m.

DUH 2002

We Care Week
10/25/18 M&M  

12:10 p.m.

DUH 2001

We Care Week

Medicine Research Seminar: Export of Vasoactive Mediators By Red Blood Cells

Timothy McMahon, MD, PhD

12 p.m.

DUH 2002

Duke Gen Med Conference Schedule: Oct. 22-25, 2018
Date Topic Lecturer Time

SAR Report 

Chair's Sign Outs 

Claire Smith to Diana McNeill


1:15 p.m.



SAR Report

Intern Report

Nick Shelburne to Joe Govert

Cindy Pabon to Dave D'Alessio

1:15 p.m.

3 p.m.


SAR Report 

Toi Spates presents to Aimee Zaas

1:15 p.m.


SAR Report/QI Conference 

Intern Hospitalist Series - Patient Safety

Matt Labriola presents with Joel Boggan

Joel Boggan

1:15 p.m.

3 p.m.

From the Residency Office

PWIM "Before They Were Stars"
Join us for an evening with Dr. Kathy Cooney. This event is a casual Q&A format about career and personal paths and successes. It is open to all residents and fellows in the Department of Medicine. It will be Tues., Nov. 13 from 6-8:30 p.m. in the Med Res library (Duke North 8253).

Narrative Medicine
The next narrative medicine session will be held on Fri., Nov. 16 at 6:30 p.m. in Med Res! We are incredibly lucky to have Dr. G (or Dr. Anthony Galanos, to be formal about it) to precept our next meeting! Our prompt this session will be "Uncertainty." By choosing this theme, we hope to inspire you to think about the often morally grey, emotionally confusing, and intellectual no-man's land that we have to navigate, and we hope the broad nature of this theme allows you to be as creative as you would like. Of note, we are planning on collaborating with the Voices of Medicine group to potentially publish pieces based on this theme in their upcoming Spring publication, which may even lead to a multidisciplinary collaboration in the future! If you are interested in joining us, please send Irena Tan an email so we know how many to expect and can plan out how many narratives can be discussed. Dinner/drinks will be provided. To ensure a safe and intimate space, we are limited to ~12 participants so make sure to grab a spot!

Feeling down? Need to talk to someone? Opportunities for Wellness
All trainees at Duke have FREE access to Personal Assistance Services (PAS), which is the faculty/employee assistance program of Duke University. The staff of licensed professionals offer confidential assessment, short-term counseling, and referrals to help resolve a range of personal, work, and family problems. PAS services are available free of charge to Duke faculty and staff, and their immediate family members. An appointment to meet with a PAS counselor may be arranged by calling the PAS office at 919-416-1PAS (919-416-1727), Monday through Friday between 8:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. For assistance after hours, residents and fellows can call the Blood and Body Fluid Hotline (115 inside DUH, 919-684-1115 outside) for referral to behavioral health resources. Another resource is Duke Outpatient Psychiatry Referrals at (919) 684-0100 or 1-888-ASK-DUKE.

Upcoming Dates and Events - Doctoberfest

  • Oct. 22-25 - We Care Week
  • Oct. 30 - Preliminary Recruitment Day
  • Oct. 31 - We Care Celebration in the Quad!
  • Nov. 1 - Movember Kickoff 
  • Nov. 2 - Recruitment Kickoff 
  • Nov. 13 - PWIM "Before They Were Stars" with Kathy Cooney
  • Nov. 16 - Narrative Medicine