JCI's Conversation with Giants in Medicine: Robert Lefkowitz, Joseph Goldstein, and Michael Brown

Monday, August 6, 2012

Three of medicine's most charismatic giants (Robert Lefkowitz, Joseph Goldstein, and Michael Brown) interview each other.

Robert Lefkowitz, MD, James B. Duke Professor of Medicine (Cardiology) and Biochemistry, is known for his seminal discoveries in understanding G protein-coupled receptor function.

The legendary partnership between Brown and Goldstein (University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center) has spanned four decades. Together they were awarded the 1985 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine acknowledging their discovery of the LDL cholesterol receptor and its role in the regulation of cholesterol metabolism.

Together, they talk about their beginnings in science, where they got their scientific inspiration, how to be a good mentor, and how to deal with scientific celebrity.