Kamal receives Sojourns Scholar Leadership Program award

Friday, September 5, 2014

210_KamalArifThe Cambia Health Foundation has announced that Arif H. Kamal, MD, assistant professor of medicine (Medical Oncology) and Duke Palliative Care, is one of 10 recipients of its Sojourns Scholar Leadership Program. The program recognizes leadership in palliative care.

The inaugural Sojourns Scholar Leadership Program provides emerging palliative care leaders with a two-year, $180,000 grant to support research, clinical, educational or policy projects. The focus of the grant program is to strengthen the palliative care work force by creating a learning community of emerging palliative care leaders.

Dr. Kamal’s program is research based and aims to explore the relationship between quality measures in palliative care and patient-centered outcomes, including how much patients communicate their health changes as well as how much they utilize health services. Kamal’s research will likely help direct quality measurement in palliative care on a national level.

“I have personally witnessed family members’ experiences with palliative care and hospice,” Kamal said. “Through this, I realized my professional passion was taking care of patients and families in which the hope extends beyond cure, to areas of quality of life and decreased suffering. Because of these formative experiences, I have dedicated my career to understanding how palliative care can continuously evolve to ensure that all patients with serious illness and their caregivers receive care that is high quality, patient-centered, and able to produce the outcomes that are most important to them. Cambia Health Foundation’s Sojourns Scholar Leadership Award is going to propel my research and I’m extremely grateful for their recognition.”