Lantos appointed Associate Research Professor of Global Health

Thursday, February 20, 2020

GIM Associate Professor of Medicine, Paul Lantos, MD, was recently appointed Associate Research Professor of Global Health, which is a secondary faculty appointment in the Duke Global Health Institute.

"I have been an affiliate [of the institute] for several years, but it is quite an honor to have been advanced to faculty," says Lantos. 

Lantos has been heavily involved with global health for his entire career. Having done malaria research, he's worked in Africa four times, South America once, and East Asia several times. In recent years, he's traveled to Mongolia and to Duke-Kunshan University in China to teach workshops in disease mapping, to speak at conferences, and to collaborate with colleagues on research projects.

His recent global studies include studies on dengue fever in Sri Lanka, tick-borne diseases, parasitic diseases, and rabies in Mongolia, and access to obstetrical care in Rwanda.