Musah one of 13 Duke scientists on Cell Mentor's 1,000 Inspiring Black Scientists list

Friday, January 15, 2021

Samira Musah, PhDSamira Musah, PhD, assistant professor of biomedical engineering and medicine (Nephrology), is one of 13 Duke scientists, including eight members of the Duke University School of Medicine, who appeared in a new list of 1,000 inspiring Black scientists in the United States. Cell Mentor, a blog and online resource for researchers, composed the list to showcase the contributions Black scientists make to the scientific community.

Duke scientists on the list included faculty and postdoctoral associates from across the School of Medicine and University, with a variety of research interests, including the molecular mechanisms behind lung cancer disparities, the development of new vaccine candidates for HIV, and examinations of how changes in the brain lead to neurological and psychiatric illnesses.

Dr. Musah's research examines how molecular signals and biophysical forces can function either synergistically or independently to guide organ development and physiology, and how these processes can be therapeutically harnessed to treat human disease.

See the full list of scientists from the School of Medicine.