A new meaning for ACLT

Sunday, June 2, 2019

The ACLT, formerly known as the Ambulatory Care Leadership Track, started in 2011 as an opportunity to enhance leadership skills for residents interested in an academic generalist career. The health policy and advocacy experience was added in 2012, and has grown to become the centerpiece of the track. In 2018, the track, now officially known as the Advocacy in Clinical Leadership Track, expanded accessibility to all residents, regardless of sub-specialty interest or practice setting.

The group is led by GIM Associate Professor, Daniella Zipkin, MD, and consists of seminars with government relations (Doug Heron for State level activities, and Catherine Liao and Paul Vick for national activities), and health policy experts during the year. "The residents select their advocacy platform, and then develop and present their work at both the national and state levels, in alternating years," explains Zipkin. The track also incorporates experiential teaching in medical education and career development topics, as well as leading the GIM Journal Clubs during their blocks.

Advocacy Day in Raleigh 

Last week, this year’s cohort advocated in Raleigh in support of House Bill 655, an opportunity to expand health coverage to working families and close the gap for many not eligible for Medicaid. During the course of their advocacy day, residents met with:

  • Secretary Mandy Cohen
  • Representative MaryAnn Black, Donny Lambeth, and Gregory Murphy
  • Senators Ralph Hise, Joyce Krawiec , and Mike Woodard

"It was a wonderful opportunity for residents to speak with both supporters and opponents of this bill, and to weigh in on this complex issue with their perspective and their patients’ stories," said Zipkin.

Year End Celebration

This past Friday evening, Dr. Zipkin hosted the annual ACLT year end celebration at her home, where the entire group met for a casual dinner and the ACLT seniors were honored with speeches and gifts. 

Current Residents

Current residents in the ACLT are:

Senior Assistant Residents (SARs): Ryan Anderson, Joe Plaksin, Ben Ranard, Jasmine Washington

Med Psych Residents: Sarah Nelson, Nicole Helmke, Johnny Komisar, Colin Smith, Alyssa Stavig

Junior Assistant Residents (JARs): Keva Garg, Alie Mara, Katie Pollard, Tamara Saint-Surin, Anmol Singh, Alex Sullivan, Nancy Yang