Pearls from 3/01/2022 LEADS

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

The March 1, 2022, session of Duke Medicine LEADS featured David Leverenz, MD presenting on "Don’t Judge Podagra by His Parents – Moving Beyond the Myths of Gout Management." 


1. For the vast majority of patients with gout, the reason they have gout has nothing to do with their diet. Focusing too much on diet can increase a feeling of shame in patients and interfere with effective therapy.

2. The 2020 ACR Gout Guidelines provide evidence-based recommendations for treating gout to target (uric acid < 6) and prescribing concomitant flare prophylaxis.

3) It is possible to use allopurinol safely in patients with renal insufficiency.

4) The new FAST study provides strong support for the cardiovascular safety of febuxostat, despite the FDA black box warning.


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