Perspectives and results: Training new physicians

Monday, June 9, 2014

In the Durham Herald-Sun, Nancy Andrews, MD, PhD, dean of the School of Medicine, and Edward Buckley, MD, vice dean for education, co-authored Making sure we have enough doctors, an essay about how the high costs of a medical education impact the number of primary care physicians available for community care.

There is ongoing debate about how medical student debt will impact health care in the future, but there is no doubt the high cost of medical education will likely deter some medical school applicants -- particularly those from underserved populations -- and will exacerbate impending physician shortages.

And in the journal Academic Medicine, a group of Duke School of Medicine leaders and faculty, including Bruce Peyser, MD, associate professor of medicine (General Internal Medicine), describe the results of the new Primary Care Leadership Track.

One of the goals of the PCLT is to increase future physicians’ understanding of the determinants of health as well as of the varying ways to bridge the gap between public health and medical care using medical and nonmedical solutions.

Read the full article: The Primary Care Leadership Track at the Duke University School of Medicine: Creating Change Agents to Improve Population Health.