PHS Dept announces Chair; several GIM faculty transition

Friday, December 1, 2017

Dr. Mary Klotman, Dean of the Duke School of Medicine, announced earlier this week that Lesley Curtis, PhD, has been named Chair of the Department of Population Health Sciences (PHS). Curtis has served as Interim Chair of the new department since July 2017, when creation of the department was approved by the Duke University Board of Trustees.

“Dr. Curtis is an outstanding scientist and a visionary leader," says Klotman. "She was a key driver and instrumental in the creation of this new department and will be the impetus for the department’s future growth and success.”

The Division of General Internal Medicine proudly acknowledges several former GIM faculty members who moved to primary appointments in the new PHS Department, listed below.

  • Hayden Bosworth, PhD,  Associate Director of Education
  • Amy Cornelli, PhD
  • Lesley Curtis, PhD, Chair
  • Jennifer Giereisch, PhD
  • Juan Marcos-Gonzalez, PhD
  • Bradley Hammill, PhD
  • George Jackson, PhD
  • F. Reed Johnson, PhD
  • Heather King, PhD
  • Matthew Maciejewski, PhD
  • Shelby Reed, PhD
  • Asheley Skinner, PhD
  • Valerie Smith, PhD
  • Nina Sperber, PhD
  • Karen Steinhauser, PhD
  • Courtney VanHoutven, PhD
  • Virginia Wang, PhD
  • Leah Zullig, PhD