Promoting your peer-reviewed research publications

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A quick reminder that the media team from the Duke Medicine Office of News and Communications is always interested in promoting newsworthy research publications/presentations to both consumer and scientific news organizations.

Please notify Sarah Avery or Samiha Khanna when a paper has been accepted to a journal or a national scientific meeting. Notifying them at acceptance will allow time to determine the news value of a publication/presentation and coordinate our media approaches with the journal/meeting.

The media team can't create news releases for every publication/presentation, but they would like to know of all publications as they may have other communications or marketing applications.

The media team strictly abides by all journal/meeting embargoes regarding studies.

Sarah Avery
Director, Duke Medicine News Office
919-660-1306 office

Samiha Khanna
Senior Media Relations Strategist
919-419-5069 office