Ravi Karra investigates heart regeneration in zebrafish

Wednesday, April 8, 2015
Fig 6: Nrg1-induced hyperplasia causes cardiomegaly.

Ravi Karra, MD, medical instructor in the Division of Cardiology, is a co-author of a recent article about heart regeneration in zebrafish.

The article: Nrg-1 is an injury-induced cardiomyocyte mitogen for the endogenous heart regeneration program in zebrafish.

"Ravi has been working diligently in the zebrafish model exploring modulators of cardiac myocyte regeneration," said Joseph Rogers, MD, interim chief of the Division of Cardiology. "He is also leading an effort in the Duke Clinical Research Unit, studying neuregulin in heart failure patients."

Dr. Rogers encouraged clinicians in Cardiology, and across the Department of Medicine, to reach out to Karra with potential patients for this trial.