RCR training requirements - Phase II

Friday, November 2, 2018

To offer more program options the Duke School of Medicine (SoM) Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) program is expanding. All faculty and staff members engaged in research are now required to participate in RCR training on a routine, regular basis by completing: one online self-directed RCR every 3 years AND one collaborative learning RCR course every 3 years.

(1) The Self-Directed RCR Course Requirement
Online Self-Directed RCR programs currently available can be found on the SOM RCR 100 Program website.  Anyone who has completed the RCR Self-Assessment or CITI RCR Course for the Phase I training deadline of June 30, 2018, has satisfied the online self-directed RCR Course requirement.

(2) The Collaborative Learning RCR Course Requirement
More information about the Collaborative Learning RCR programs currently available and downloadable resources for leading an RCR discussion in your research unit can be found on the SOM RCR 200 Program website.  If you have completed the RCR in-person workshop or attested to taking a Duke RCR course for the June 30, 2018 deadline, you have satisfied the collaborative learning RCR course requirement. 

Those faculty and staff members engaged in research will receive emails annually with their current RCR training status and alerts before the deadline to complete each type of RCR training.  Those members may check their RCR training status including all completed RCR courses through the Duke Learning Management System.  Please direct any questions about the SoM Faculty and Staff RCR Programs and RCR course completion to Duke's ASIST Office, or GIM Director of Research Programs, Tara Strigo, MPH

Phase II Requirements
The Duke ASIST office has provided this PowerPoint to help explain the Phase II RCR requirements.  The notes section with the slide include text of a more detailed scenario.  Please feel free to use, edit, and share with our colleagues, faculty and staff in GIM.

Upcoming Workshop: (Attending this workshop will fulfill the Faculty and Staff RCR training requirement) Join us for an engaging discussion about responsible conduct of research in science!

November 16, 2018 - Trent Semans Center Great Hall 9:00 - 11:30 a.m. Light refreshments provided
Speakers: Chris Simon, PhD (Department of Population Health Sciences) and Donna Kessler, PhD (Research Integrity)
Topic: DELIBERATE, DISCUSS, DEBATE, a discussion about responsbile conduct of research in science
Hosted by the Trent Center for Gioethics, Humanities, and History of Medicine and the ASIST Office

REGISTER HERE (registration required)