Save the date 6/18/19: SoM offers two workshops for faculty on increasing your influence and giving, receiving feedback

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

The School of Medicine Office for Faculty is pleased to announce two exciting new workshops for faculty interested in expanding their leadership skills. These workshops will be led by Hile Rutledge, MSOD, President and Principal Consultant at Otto Kroeger Associates.

Workshop 1: Increasing your Influence

Workshop 2: Giving and Receiving Feedback

Faculty are welcome to sign up for one or both sessions. Both sessions will be highly interactive in nature, so plan to stay the whole time if you register. Please note: There is a cost for these sessions, which will be paid for by the School of Medicine Office for Faculty. Last-minute cancelations will impact the structure of the workshop, so please communicate with us early if your plans change.  Sessions are open to all faculty in the School of Medicine. Content will be broadly applicable to individuals in varying roles across the school.

Questions? Contact the Office for Faculty at or (919) 684-4139

Workshop 1: Increasing your Influence

9am-Noon Tuesday, June 18, Trent Semans Center Great Hall

How do you approach the challenge of influencing or motivating others? What is your preferred style? If you are using the same approach regardless of the situation or the audience—you could be more successful by deliberately considering your chosen influence style. In this workshop, participants will use a tool to explore how they rise to the complex challenge of influencing others and ways they can develop to be more effective in their context and roles.

Participants will:

  • Take the Influence Style Indicator (ISI) and receive their individual results (assessment to be administered in advance of the workshop)
  • Learn about five unique influencing styles and how to spot them
  • Examine what each style looks and sounds like to the others
  • Explore the benefits and pitfalls of each style—when to use each, and when to put it away
  • Learn how to connect with others using a variety of influencing styles
  • Develop a personal action plan to apply workshop insights

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Workshop 2: Giving & Receiving Feedback

1:30-4:30pm, Tuesday, June 18, Trent Semans Center Great Hall

Feedback can be characterized as criticism—or a gift that strengthens relationships, inspires positive change or motivates growth and development. People skilled in giving (and receiving) feedback have both distinct advantages in the workplace and happier personal lives. This experiential workshop defines feedback, introduces specific feedback steps, and through specific case studies, allows participants to practice giving personal feedback

Participants will:

  • Learn the four types of feedback, and discuss the differences between power-based performance reviews and personal feedback
  • Explore the Johari window as a model to frame effective feedback and open communication
  • Learn a practical feedback model that can be leveraged at work and in personal relationships
  • Practice giving (and receiving) effective feedback
  • Develop an action plan to practice and further develop the art of effective feedback

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