Seeking candidates: Vice Chair for Education

Monday, November 18, 2019

The Duke Department of Medicine is seeking candidates for the role of Vice Chair for Education. We will consider applications from any full-time, regular-rank faculty at the rank of associate professor or above, at Duke or another institution.

  • Applications are due by 5 p.m. on Friday, January 31, 2020.
  • Download position description as a PDF.


The Department of Medicine is the largest department within the world-renowned Duke University School of Medicine. Our dedication to excellence and our passion for the tripartite mission of clinical care, research, and education are distinguishing characteristics. The Department offers competitive educational programs that identify and train the next generation of physicians and physician-scientists. Whether in the Internal Medicine Residency Program or one of 12 subspecialty fellowship programs, our trainees work and learn side-by-side with our faculty and clinical investigators.

The primary responsibility of the Vice Chair for Education is to oversee the complex educational mission of the Department, including the coordination of faculty and trainees involved in that mission. This oversight includes educational initiatives across the spectrum of activities related to undergraduate medical education (UME), graduate medical education (GME) at both residency and fellowship levels, and professional development such as continuing medical education (CME).


Full-time, regular-rank faculty member (MD or MD/PhD) at the rank of Associate Professor or above.

Reporting Relationships

The Vice Chair for Education reports to the Chair of the Department of Medicine and works closely with other vice chairs, division chiefs, and training program directors.

Areas of Responsibility

  1. Assist the Chair in fostering an environment that values and promotes educational programs, serving as the chief departmental advocate for investment and improvement in these programs.
  2. Provide oversight, support, direction, coaching, development, and empowerment to a diverse cadre of leaders across our education programs including, but not limited to, the Internal Medicine, Medicine-Pediatrics, and Medicine-Psychiatry residency programs and the subspecialty fellowship programs.
  3. Advise the Chair on educational priorities, funding needs, recruitment, and infrastructure support for these programs.
  4. Work with the Vice Chair for Administration to develop and maintain annual operating budgets for all educational programs.
  5. Interact with the School of Medicine, Duke University Health System Graduate Medical Education Office, Duke Academy for Health Professions Education and Academic Development (Duke AHEAD), and other institutional educational and administrative leaders to promote educational programs and initiatives.
  6. Maintain and enhance processes, technology, and systems for reporting trainee and faculty performance.
  7. Develop educational program evaluation processes and metrics for the purposes of assessment, improvement, and planning.
  8. Ensure that all educational programs meet or exceed all compliance standards and policies that govern them, including regulatory and accreditation requirement.
  9. Ensure that our educational programs function consistently with our department values, especially in the area of diversity and inclusion.
  10. Continue the development of a trainee-focused well-being program, working with the Department’s wellness leader.
  11. Oversee research activities by and with residents, and engage faculty to serve as mentors on trainee research projects.
  12. Coordinate international education programs and training opportunities, including with Duke Global Health Institute and other Duke units.
  13. Participate in and facilitate the recruitment of clinician educators; orient new faculty members to roles and responsibilities in education and teaching; foster a culture of faculty involvement in the Department’s educational programs; and provide support and mentoring to faculty who have a specific interest in medical education and/or who are career educators.
  14. Monitor and evaluate the educational contributions of individual faculty members, ensuring fulfillment of the Department’s educational mandate; encourage all faculty members to maintain an ongoing portfolio of educational contributions (e.g., teaching portfolio) for promotion and tenure purposes; and work with division chiefs and educational program leadership to recognize outstanding teaching performance.
  15. Oversee faculty-development activities related to education, including training faculty members how to teach effectively, how to effectively evaluate trainees, and how to give appropriate and meaningful feedback. Promote faculty awareness of institutional and national opportunities for the development of educational leadership and expertise.
  16. Participate in philanthropic events and development programs that may lead to creating gift opportunities in support of the educational programs, including engagement of former trainees (alumni) and faculty.
  17. Serve as an alternate representative for the Chair on Duke Health committees relevant to educational activities, in the Chair's absence, or as the Chair deems appropriate.
  18. Convene regular meetings of the Department’s educational community through an educational leadership group to ensure the best possible planning, innovation, integration, and communication across programs.
  19. Work collaboratively with leaders across Duke Health to identify best practices in medical training and opportunities for interprofessional education.


  • Compensation commensurate with FTE and overall importance of this role.
  • The effort to fulfill the requirements will range from 30% to 50% with the first two years anticipated to be at 50% level. A reassessment of effort needs will occur thereafter.
  • Administrative staff from the Department will support work in this role.
  • Reviewed annually, with formal review every two years.

Application Process

To apply, submit the following items to by 5 p.m. on Friday, January 31, 2020.

  • A one- or two-page cover letter describing your interest in the role and qualifications for this leadership position, including experience in administrative roles.
  • Your current C.V.