SGIM 2021 recap

Thursday, April 22, 2021

The Society of General Internal Medicine's (SGIM) annual meeting just wrapped up, virtually of course.  What an amazing submersion into what matters in general internal medicine! The theme for the annual meeting was Transforming Values into Action, highlighting the strengths, values and impacts of GIM. 

Poster presentations, oral abstracts, plenary sessions, workshops, networking…even though it was through a virtual platform this year, they still had it all going on! Duke had several acceptances from residents, fellows, and faculty. See more in the photo gallery (or should we call it a "screenshot gallery"?) below. 

Going Virtual

GIM Assistant Professor of Medicine, Dr. Joel Boggan who recently became a first time father, told us his thoughts on the virtual platform this year.

"As an attendee, I really loved the ability to stream sessions after the conference ends since there are so many great sessions running simultaneously," says Boggan. "As a presenter, I think it is harder to have a virtual meeting where people can't come up and ask you questions afterward or even later in the meeting." 

One thing we know he enjoyed was being able to watch some of the SGIM presentations while also enjoying some of those newborn baby snuggles (see photo for evidence). Dr. Boggan had two acceptances at the meeting, both an oral and poster presentation. 

SGIM 2022

Next year, the meeting will be back to in-person and is scheduled for April 20-23 in Orlando, Florida. We hope to see you there!