Svetkey honored with Duke University Diversity Award

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Laura Svetkey, MD, professor of medicine (Nephrology), recently received the Diversity Award, one of Duke University's highest honors, in a ceremony led by President Vincent E. Price. The Teamwork and Diversity Awards are presented every year to employees who foster collaboration, cooperation and open communication as a team or demonstrate a respect and value for differing backgrounds and points of view.

“We will work to continue to recruit a diverse student body, a diverse faculty and staff and celebrate the contributions of every member of this great community,” Price said. “I believe very strongly that these efforts will make Duke an even better university in years to come. We will continue to provide leadership – the leadership of those in this room – as that conversation continues to unfold.”

In her research, Dr. Svetkey has provided valuable insight into how best to treat hypertension and obesity among minorities in the United States. In her role as the Vice Chair for Faculty Development and Diversity, she’s spearheaded diversity efforts in the Duke School of Medicine.

At Duke since 1982, she’s helped organize the Faculty Development Academy, the Program for Women in Medicine and the Minority Recruitment and Retention Committee. She currently sits on the Dean’s Diversity Leadership Group and the Faculty Diversity Council.

“On a large scale, Dr. Svetkey promotes an environment of diversity and inclusion across the institution,” wrote Crystal Tyson, MD, medical instructor (Nephrology). “She recognizes that we all come from different backgrounds with varied life experiences and perspectives that can only lead to a stronger, more enriched institution.”