Voices of Duke Health: The Puzzle Pieces

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Voices of Duke Health logoCheck out the latest episode of the Voices of Duke Health podcast, "The Puzzle Pieces," where you will hear from the Code Blue team, including Department of Medicine faculty Cara O'Brien, MD, Jonathan Bae, MD, and Adrian Hernandez, MD, who responded to a call from Betsy Hames, chief human resources officer in the School of Medicine.

Hames was in her office high in the Davison Building when she suffered cardiac arrest and collapsed on her desk. Her colleagues called for help, and that triggered Duke’s Code Blue system.

But where was the sixth floor, and how was the Code Blue team to get to her?

Follow along as Hames and the team recount what transpired that day, and how each person played an important part in her miraculous recovery.

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