Voices of Medicine: Ken Lyles with Cathleen Colon-Emeric

Thursday, May 24, 2012

This month, we kick off a new podcast called Voices of Medicine. Through this, we'll share the stories, conversations and performances of faculty, fellows, residents and staff members across the Department of Medicine.

First up: A conversation between Ken Lyles, MD, professor of medicine (Geriatrics) and Cathleen Colon-Emeric, MD, associate professor of medicine (Geriatrics), about the May day 16 years ago when they first met, and what's transpired since – how they came to collaborate on research into hip fractures, the benefits of mentorship and learning from colleagues and, of course, the story behind that famous pound cake.

Together, Lyles and Colon-Emeric showed that patients with hip fractures have a large re-fracture rate over the next two years, and that a class of drugs, bisphosphanates, could actually reduce re-fractures as well as mortality rates. Says Colon-Emeric about what she learned from Lyles:

You’re a bulldog with a bone – you get an idea and you don’t let it go. You talk to everybody you know, you ask questions, you find a way to make that study happen. That’s probably the most important lesson I’ve learned from you. You gotta be persistent, you gotta be stubborn, you gotta stick to your good ideas and and keep at it until you crack it.

Listen to their conversation (this podcast lasts 16 minutes 49 seconds).

Read more about their research: Osteoporosis Drug May Save Lives by Strengthening Immune System.

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