The weight of dying at home: Gray's Op-Ed in LA Times

Thursday, February 20, 2020

In Duke General Internal Medicine, we like to refer to Nathan Gray, MD, as the doodling doctor. Dr. Gray is a phenomenal Palliative Care physician who also has gained a reputation drawing comics on medical topics. His work has even been published in several medical journals and online platforms. 

Dr. Gray's most recent work was published this week as an Op-Ed in the Los Angeles Times. The piece is entitled "Think you want to die at home? You might want to think twice about that."  This title was chosen by the editors of the L.A. Times

"My goal with this piece was to highlight the struggles that families face providing care at home and to encourage more support and investment in end-of-life care at home," explains Gray. "Often, on the hospital side of things, we don't see the hard realities that families face when they leave here."

Click here to view the full illustrated story on the Los Angeles Times website. 

Follow Dr. Gray on Twitter @NathanAGray.
More of his work can be found on his website The Ink Vessel.