What Doctors Know About CPR: Gray in Topic Magazine

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Last week the work of Dr. Nathan Gray, our in-house #graphicmedicine pioneer, captured readers of Topic Magazine. Topic is a visual storytelling periodical where “there’s more to the story.”  Each monthly issue is theme based. This one, Issue 18, includes 12 stories based on the theme “Rites of Passage.”

We are glad to see the exposure of Dr.Gray's insightful and novel work. Topic Magazine’s circulation reportedly reaches 7.5 million readers. If that’s not enough, another news outlet, the Kottke Blog, one of the oldest, most famous blogs on the web (founded in 1998), also cited Gray’s story from Topic. Then, there was the reach of the article via Twitter where retweets and likes numbered in the 100s.

This cartoon story, “What Doctors Know About CPR”, was especially moving. Gray gave a doctor’s perspective on CPR and dying.

"In movies or on TV, this might involve gorgeous medical rivals cursing at one another, but in real life code blue is intensely impersonal," Gray explains. "Often many people are strangers to the patient beneath their clenched fists."

In case you’ve missed Dr. Gray’s own story, he is a Duke Palliative Care Physician and amateur cartoonist. We’ve covered his work in several previous DGIM eNews highlights.

Click here to view the full story and illustrations on the Topic Magazine webpage.

Dr. Gray’s Twitter handle is @NathanAGray.
His website is https://inkvessel.com.

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