What's coming at this year's DGIM Wine, Cheese + Poster event

Saturday, September 22, 2018

We can't wait for our annual GIM Wine, Cheese, and Poster event coming up on October 10, 2018. This year we have more than tripled the number of posters we usually present! Come mingle with colleagues, have some wine and cheese (or any of the delicious food and beverages), and check out all of this amazing research taking place in the division. The 3rd annual GIM Excellence Awards winners will also be announced. 

To RSVP for the event, respond to your email invite, or email GIM Program Director, Megan Churchill, by September 28, 2018. 

Presenter(s) Poster Title

Adams, Martha

Rapid Increase in Use of Tailored Antimicrobial Decision Support

Bentley-Edwards, Keisha

Cardiovascular disease risk factors in Blacks: Does religious denomination matter?

Brooks, Megan

Development of an Interprofessionnel Education Unit at Duke Regional Hospital.

Cabacungan, Ashley

Development of a Telehealth Intervention to Improve Access to Live Donor Kidney Transplantation

Cabacungan, Ashley Putting Patients at the Center of Kidney Care Transitions: PREPARE NOW, a Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial

Chatterjee, Ranee

Primary Care Research Consortium (PCRC): a Practice Based Research Network (PBRN)

Cho, Alex; Shoup, John; Shah, Kevin

Improving Primary Care Patient Access to Rheumatology via E-Communication

Chudgar, Saumil

Innovations in Medical Student Education: GIM Leads the Way!

DePasquale, Nicole

"You as a family member need support too": African American family members' perspectives on kidney failure treatment

Edelman, David

The Group Prevention Study: Design and Baseline Characteristics

Gierisch, Jennifer

Engaging Patients as Advisors in Systematic Reviews: Co-building the Science to Enhance Impact and Meaning for Patient Collaborators

Glass, Oliver

Exercise in NASH

Goldstein, Karen

Telehealth Services Designed for Women: An Evidence Map

Greenblatt, Lawrence

Battling a Fast-Changing Public Health Crisis Requires a Nimble and Multifaceted Response: General Medicine Leads Duke Health in Confronting the Opioid Epidemic

Halpern, David

Clinician Educator Innovations for Duke Primary Care

Hemming, Patrick Identifying Core Curricular Components for Behavioral Health Training in Internal Medicine Residency: Qualitative Interviews with Residents, Faculty & Behavioral Health Clinicians

Hemming, Patrick

Implementing Behavioral Health Integration in a Residency Internal Medicine Clinic: Engaging Stakeholders in Primary Care

Jackson, George

From Learning to Doing: Identifying and Diffusing Best Practices in the Nation’s Largest Integrated Healthcare System

Kamath, Aparna; Wachter, Adam

Inter-professional Quality Improvement Project to Improve the Safety of Discharge Medication Reconciliation for Hospitalized Patients

Kim, Azalea; Griffith, Brian; Childers, Julie

Finding Needles in the EHR Haystack: Rationale and Design for a Natural Language Processing Machine Learning Model to Identify Clinical Notes Relevant to a Patient’s “Goals of Care”

Ko, Emily; Hughes, Rachel; Richardson, Danielle

Implementation of Interprofessional Hospital Emergency Response Training Team

Lunyera, Joseph; Diamantidis, Clarissa

Evaluation of allostatic load as a mediator of sleep and kidney outcomes in Blacks.

Maciejewski, Matthew

Long-Term Expenditures associated with Bariatric Surgery in VA

Mitchell, Nia

Continuous engagement in a weight loss program promotes sustained significant weight loss

Oddone, Eugene

Duke’s National Clinician Scholars Program

Paat, John; Wright, Heather

Understanding Health Literacy to Support Patient Safety in the Ambulatory Setting

Poon, Eric

EHR-Enabled Research Support (EERS) Consult Service

Sata, Suchita Shah; Ming, David

The "Value-Added" Career Pitch: Elective in Academic Hospital Medicine for senior internal medicine residents

Scialla, Julia

Modeling Mineral Metabolism Treatment Decisions in Patients with End Stage Kidney Disease on Hemodialysis

Setji, Noppon; Musser, Clay


Shoup, John; Kim, Azalea; Boggan, Joel

Improving Resident-Provided Primary Care through Population Health Tools

Sloan, Caroline

Impact of Medicare Reform on Peritoneal Dialysis Utilization and Changes in Treatment Modality in the United States

Yancy, William

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