Wilson builds simple high-filtration-efficiency facepiece

Monday, May 24, 2021

Kenneth Wilson, MDKenneth Wilson, MD, professor of medicine (Infectious Diseases), is part of a research study that has demonstrated that a high-filtration-efficiency facepiece, capable of filtering out 99% of 0.05μm particles while being worn, can be simply produced with available materials.

This study appears in the American Journal of Infection Control in May.

"As a mostly retired infectious diseases specialist, I was concerned about the mode of transmission of COVID-19 and the lack of what I considered adequate respiratory protection for the general public," said Dr. Wilson. "As a result I designed this facepiece similar to an N95 respirator in my garage and kitchen and collaborated with Phillip Clapp, PhD, at UNC. The result was a facepiece that filters very small particles efficiently."

Read about the study.

a simple HEPA filtering facepiece