Women in Medicine: Dr. Sata's twitter series

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Did you know September was Women in Medicine month? To recognize the growing number of women in the profession and to celebrate the importance of current (and future) female physicians, Suchita Sata, MD, once again tweeted a photo and short description of a female faculty member in the Department of Medicine at Duke each day during the month of September. This was the second year Sata has done this, and we are once again floored by her excitement and commitment to this series.

"Let's celebrate incredible female clinicians, educators, researchers at @dukemedicine. 30 in 30. Too many to highlight everyone in this amazing department, but let's shout it out!"

- Tweet by Suchita Shah Sata, MD, on September 1, 2019.

Dr. Sata highlighted women in all divisions showcasing the diversity of our Department. Diversity in specialty, career pathways, leadership, as well as levels - with junior faculty as well as seasoned ones and women from different backgrounds. 5 of these tweets included women from her own Division of General Internal Medcine. We've embeded those 5 tweets below.

Dr Cara O'Brien. https://t.co/5Dy0nI9erL
- #DukeHospitalMedicine colleague, created our procedure service, expert in #POCUS, researcher in sepsis alerts, departmental leader, quality improvement innovator, RRT fixture and fixer#WIMMonth #DukePWIM #MedTwitter @dukemedicine pic.twitter.com/fL9WbHHNJh

— Suchita Shah Sata, MD (@SuchitaSata) September 7, 2019

Dr Dana Clifton. https://t.co/KKFPpHc1pF
- #DukeHospitalMedicine and also hospitalist and #meded w/ @Duke_Childrens
- Leads efforts @DukeHospital in inpt management of opioid use disorder, creating a new consult service#WIMMonth #DukePWIM #MedTwitter @dukemedicine @Duke_GIM pic.twitter.com/I7BcviwIdj

— Suchita Shah Sata, MD (@SuchitaSata) September 12, 2019

Dr Nia Mitchell. https://t.co/rOXFT2aD6o
- Primary care researcher working to tackle obesity in vulnerable populations
- Running an @NIH grant to study weight loss, physical function in older women#WIMMonth #DukePWIM #MedTwitter @dukemedicine @Duke_GIM @DukeDFC pic.twitter.com/PA42yXPvbF

— Suchita Shah Sata, MD (@SuchitaSata) September 15, 2019

Dr Karen Goldstein. @goldstek https://t.co/IvraVjkSBm
- Health system researcher with a focus on women's health, women veterans' health
- Evidence synthesis expert, working on systematic reviews, evidence maps#WIMMonth #DukePWIM #MedTwitter @dukemedicine @Duke_GIM @vadurham pic.twitter.com/ZnOiyiHJHj

— Suchita Shah Sata, MD (@SuchitaSata) September 16, 2019

Dr Ranee Chatterjee. https://t.co/oD0FiWwgSM
- Primary care doc
- Research leader, as Associate Chief of Research for @Duke_GIM
- Bridging clinical practice w/ research, inc @NEJM article about vitamin D and diabetes!#WIMMonth #DukePWIM #MedTwitter @dukemedicine @DCRINews pic.twitter.com/5sOi40U7Je

— Suchita Shah Sata, MD (@SuchitaSata) September 21, 2019

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