Zipkin presents at national EBM workshop

Friday, April 27, 2018

"[My] favorite week of the year [is] coming to a close," tweets Daniella Zipkin, MD, on Friday afternoon. 

This past week was the 16th year for Duke Teaching and Leading EBM, a workshop for educators and champions from across the country to be prepared for the challenges of teaching and practicing Evidence-Based Medicine; an area in which Zipkin excels and the reason her Twitter handle is @EvidenceBasedMD

The program directors continue to include general medicine, both Dr. Tom Owens who is the Duke Hospital President and Dr. Sheri Keitz, a former DGIM member, and now chief of general medicine for University of Massachusetts School of Medicine.

At it’s core, this EBM program offers multiple small group sessions for tutorials and core curriculum. But, the 6 large group sessions are specifically focused, for example, lectures about “Therapy” and another about “Harm”.  For one of these presentations, Dr. Daniella Zipkin presented “Non-inferiority Trial Designs”.

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