Zipkin's virtual SGIM workshop

Sunday, June 28, 2020

With the Society of General Internal Medicine's annual meeting (SGIM20) canceled due to COVID, Dr. Daniella Zipkin, decided to take her accepted workshop virtual. This was the only SGIM20 workshop that did this.

On Wednesday, June 24, Dr. Zipkin along with the Cleveland Clinic's Internal Medicine Residency Program Director, Dr. Abby Spencer, presented on "Getting Promoted as a Clinician Educator." This was the fifth time this duo had presented on the topic, so their familiarity made it easier to present on the topic in a virtual platform.

"When the pandemic forced us to become comfortable with remote formats, I realized Zoom is a slick and powerful tool for online teaching," says Zipkin.  "As academic meetings shut down, and SGIM converted Updates and Abstracts to on-demand formatting, I thought, why not do a Workshop this way too?"

They took the plunge and offered the session to SGIM membership with tremendous response.

"The session ended up being great," says Zipkin. "There was engagement and discussion and participants gave us great feedback, despite us being scattered across the country!"