David Beavers, MD, PhD

Start Year


Plano, TX

Where did you attend college/university?
The University of Texas at Austin

Where did you attend medical school?
Baylor College of Medicine

What additional degrees do you have and from what institution?
PhD - Baylor College of Medicine

What are your career goals?

What did you do the summer before internship?

The leadership is phenomenal and sets the tone for the whole program, facilitating collaboration, learning, and work-life balance.

Reflections on the Duke program

What were you looking for in a residency program?

  • Nationally respected, rigorous training program evidenced by word-of-mouth and destinations of previous trainees
  • Collegial, rather than cut-throat, training environment
  • Exceptional cardiology training
  • Suitable research mentors
  • Affordable, yet fun, place to live
  • Block scheduling
  • Strong program leadership
  • Free daily lunch doesn't hurt

What are the strengths of the Duke program?
High caliber training at a center of excellence in many subspecialties with national reputation while maintaining a family-like environment. Quick to facilitate mentorship and cater your residency experience to your career goals. The medicine department is well-respected within the hospital and plays an integral part of patient care throughout the training hospitals. The leadership is phenomenal and sets the tone for the whole program facilitating collaboration, learning, and work-life balance.

What are your observations about the relationships between faculty and house staff?
The faculty go out of their way to welcome us and help us start on the road to where we want to go. Before orientation there were emails from potential mentors and invitations to interest groups to facilitate networking. On the wards our autonomy is respected and valued. However faculty are never hesitant and always available to help us when necessary. They efficiently identify teachable moments and create a non-intimidating enjoyable learning environment, which I'm already seeing the benefits of as a clinician.

Tell us about your co-interns. How long did it take to connect?
Thanks to the wonders of social media we were chatting shortly after match day. The locals piped in with advice for moving to the area and things to look forward to. Once people made it into town there were offers to hang out basically every night leading up to orientation. It was great to start rotations with a solid friendship base with your colleagues.

About Duke University and Durham

What's best about living in Durham and the Triangle?
I honestly knew very little about the area before making the trek to Duke. It has been a great surprise to live in an area that has all the benefits of a major metropolitan area while maintaining access to nature and green space. I can be at an award winning chef's restaurant for dinner and make it to a show in the performing arts district one night and be hiking forest trails the next morning. It is very affordable to live on the resident stipend meaning I can enjoy all that the Triangle has to offer when I have time away from the hospital. I am looking forward to trips to the coast and exploring mountain towns with the changing leaves of fall. It's also very convenient to the airport for any of your scheduled getaways.

How does the Triangle appeal to people of diverse backgrounds?
The Triangle is a hub of well-respected academic centers and a growing entrepreneurial environment that facilitates a very diverse population. In an area with over 2 million people it hasn't been hard to find diverse food, culture, and activities to participate in.

Where did you choose to live, and why?
I chose to live close to campus because it is affordable and very convenient. I chose to rent a house because I have a dog and wanted to have a yard for him to run around.

Based on your life, what advice would you give about moving to Durham?
I came to Durham by myself and without knowing anyone in the area. It's so easy to connect with your colleagues and build friendships thanks to how welcoming the Duke family is. I like the convenience of living close to the hospital and I liked moving in a little before orientation to join in the early social activities.

What do you like to do outside of medicine?
Camping, hiking, biking, skiing, homebrew or visit breweries, watch sports, cook, hang out/explore town, travel