Chair’s Pilot Project Grants in Health Data Science

In collaboration with the Health Data Sciences initiative at Duke (the Forge), the Duke Department of Medicine is seeking proposals for research in health data science.

This request for proposals is designed to fulfill two missions:

  1. To grow Department of Medicine faculty involvement in health data science, and
  2. To support research that will then be used to improve the quality of care for patients at Duke Health.

The Department is particularly interested in proposals that utilize data from Duke University Health System, though alternative data sources may be considered. After year one, successful projects may be funded for an additional year, with priority given to funding investigators that will use the insights from year 1 for implementation research focused on improving patient outcomes at Duke Health.  

We recognize that many faculty may have yet to identify the statistical resources needed for the proposed work. For applicants without existent statistical collaborators, current DOM Forge faculty will be available to assist faculty in identifying project teams including statistical/programming support, provide additional mentorship, and assist with planning the final project budget.


  • Eligible applicants will be Department of Medicine faculty at the rank of Instructor or Assistant Professor, but may choose to collaborate with others outside his/her division as part of the project.
  • Multidisciplinary collaborations are encouraged.
  • Proposals likely to result in career development opportunities and future external funding will be favored.

We plan to fund 1-3 one-year awards with a total budget not to exceed $75,000/project.  Funding may be used to support investigator time (up to 20% per faculty).

Awards will be based on:

  • Originality of the research question
  • Scientific rationale and innovation
  • Likelihood of impact on patient care
  • Potential to increase long-term involvement in health data science by the investigator


In this first round, faculty are not asked for a full proposal. Rather, faculty will first submit a brief (two-page) description of the project. Finalists will be selected to meet with the project team to discuss the feasibility and impact and to refine the budget.

Please include the following in your two-page proposal:

  • Significance of the research question
  • Approach / methods
  • Potential impact on faculty academic trajectory
  • Timeline
  • Preliminary budget

Deadline for proposal submission is April 20, 2018 and should be forwarded to