Annual Fellows Research Retreat

The annual Fellows Research Retreat is designed to prepare fellows considering a research career and to support those already engaged in research.

The Department expects that all first-year fellows will attend (even if you are undecided about a research career) to learn about the Department’s resources, opportunities, and expectations relevant to research. In addition, we encourage second- and third-year fellows pursuing a research-oriented career to attend.

Fellows Research Retreat 2018

The second annual Fellows Research Retreat 2018 will take place Thurs., Sept. 13 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., at the JB Duke Hotel.



My Roadmap from Fellowship to Faculty: Success Stories

Junior investigators recount the grant proposals they submitted, clinical load, key projects and research networks, and life events during their fellowship years

Lessons from my Research Career

A senior investigator looks back on the challenges and opportunities of his research career.

Meet the New Chair

Kathleen Cooney, MD, the new chair of the Department of Medicine, will talk about her own research career and plans for the department.

Breakout sessions

Four discussion groups on the nuts and bolts of jump starting a research career, negotiating for your first faculty job, and other ways to plan for success.