DOM Statistical and Methodological Support Center

The Department of Medicine recognizes that statistical and methodological support are critical to successful research.

Depending on investigator needs, this support may be achieved through the Duke Clinical and Translational Science Institute, Duke Office of Clinical Research, any of the various centers and institutes in the School of Medicine or on campus (see a list below), or through direct collaborations with faculty in the Department of Biostatics and Bioinformatics or other departments.

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The Department of Medicine Statistical and Methodological Support Center is coordinated by Hayden Bosworth, PhD, professor of medicine (General Internal Medicine) and associate director of the Center for Health Services Research in Primary Care at the Durham VA Medical Center.

Investigators in the Department of Medicine who need to seek support for their statistical or methodological needs can request consultation and support from the center, which will work with a team of Medicine faculty, staff members of the DOM Office for Research Administration, and professionals across Duke University to help you to achieve your research goals.

Our priority within the DOM is to provide support for candidates pursuing a grant application, particularly external career development awards such VA or NIH K award. We envision the combination of statistical support provided through this mechanism along with internal peer review through the DOM MRC, and institutional programs such as the K Club or the Path to Independence Program will position you best for successful funding of the external award.


The Department will offer vouchers to those most meritorious proposals for paying for these statistical services when your research grants, discretionary funds, and division support cannot cover your stats support needs. While our goal is to support all the exciting research and promising faculty that would benefit from deeper collaborations with individual statisticians, this program is designed to assist faculty who can benefit most from the offered statistical and methodological support.

How to request support

Here is how the new DOM Statistical and Methodological Support Center (DSMSC) will work to support your research leading to a grant application:

  1. An investigator identifies a need or opportunity for stats support and/or collaboration, and, if other potential avenues for support across the campus are not options, proceeds with DSMSC request.
  2. The investigator submits an online request form (click on blue button below), explaining the need or opportunity.
  3. Hayden and the DSMSC team will review the request, clarify the need or opportunity, identify potential sources of support, and prioritize the request per DOM strategic research goals.
  4. DSMSC staff will contact you in a timely manner with a response regarding the ability of the DSMSC to support your proposal; in cases where we are unable to provide support, the team will do our best to identify potential collaborators or next best steps for your research. In cases where support is offered, we identify a lead faculty to assist you with your analysis moving forward and facilitate further development of the statistical or methodological aspects of your research.

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Other Duke resources

Before seeking stats support from the Department of Medicine, consider whether you qualify for assistance from any of the various centers and institutes in the School of Medicine or on campus: