Advocacy day in Washington DC discussing high drug prices

Check out supplementary data for SGIM poster

Post submitted by: Joel Boggan, MD, GIM Assistant Professor of Medicine an

John Paul Shoup, MD, senior assistant resident in the combined Medicine-Pediatrics residency training program, has been selected to serve as the Durham VA Medical Center chief resident for quality improvement and patient safety for 2018-19.

Joel Boggan, MD, has accepted the position of Associate Program Director in the Duke Internal Medicine Residency Program, which will begin on July 1.

Duke general internal medicine Doctors David Simel and Joel Boggan are helping to forward best practice. Their paper about successfully achieving higher vaccination rates for asplenic patients was published online by the American Journal of Medicine on February 14.

Last week the Society of General Internal Medicine (@SocietyGIM) hosted it’s first “live twitter chat." No surprise, Dr. Joel Boggan (@JoelBoggan), a Duke GIM internist, checked in.

Joel Boggan, MD, MPH, assistant professor of medicine (General Internal Medicine), w


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