The Durham VA Evidence Synthesis Program (ESP) will be joining the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic by conducting rapid evidence reviews prompted by real-time clinical questions from the field.

In case you missed these, DGIM authors recently have appeared in JAMA, in the Annals of Internal Medicine, and also the Journ

Systematic review in the Annals of Internal Medicine: self-management strategies modestly improve the quality of life for adults with epilepsy, but are unlikely to reduce seizure rates.

Cochrane UK hosted the 25th Cochrane Colloquium at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre in Scotland, September 16-18.

A low-cost program for maintaining weight loss. That’s what our DGIM researchers learned and published February 21, 2017, online in the prestigious medical journal, the Annals of Internal Medicine. The senior author, Dr. Will Yancy, Jr., is joined by 8 others from Duke, plus one formerly from Duke, the paper’s first author, Dr. Corinne Voils.

Can smokers with a history of depression respond better to smoking cessation interventions that are combined with mood-management?

Two DoM-led research teams are working to identify and rank important gaps in knowledge for treatment regimens of two diverse conditions: bipolar d

The Medicine Research Conference returns Fri., Feb.

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