Lantos delivers the keynote address "The Diagnosis and Management of Lyme Disease" at the Infectious Disease Society of Ireland's (IDSI) 11th Annual Scientific Meeting on May 11th.

We congratulate six faculty members who are receiving distinguished academic promotions in the division of General Internal Medicine!

We are proud to show off the work Dr. Paul Lantos, a member of general internal medicine and a researcher in pediatric infectious diseases

The Division of General Internal Medicine announces the 2nd annual GIM Excellence Award winners.

Paul Lantos, MD, was recently interviewed about his study on influenza illness in North Carolina on Living on Earth,  the weekly environmental news and information program distributed by Public Radio International.

Last month, Paul Lantos, MD, a Duke Medicine hospitalist and Pediatric Infec

This May, Paul Lantos, MD, gave two presentations on geospatial tools and an

Each week, the Division of General Internal Medicine spotlights a different member of the division.

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