What is a gastroenterologist doing studying Parkinson’s Disease?

This is a question that Rodger Liddle, MD, a professor in the Department of Medicine in the School of Medicine, gets a lot. The answer involves a superhighway, a conversation with a Nobel Laureate, and a plastic foot.

Congratulations to the following faculty members and trainees who were recognized by the Internal Medicine Residency Program during the 2018-2019 academic year for excellence in education, research and patient care.

Rodger Liddle, MD, will present his research at the Department's Research Seminar Series on Friday, Feb. 23, 2018 in Duke Hospital Room 2002.

Update: Rodger Liddle, MD, won Duke GI's competition to raise money for pancreatic research at Duke. The competition raised $1,070.

Take a moment to view this video narrated by Rodger Liddle, MD, and Diego Bo

Rodger Liddle, MD, professor of medicine (Gastroenterology), is currently serving as

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