Help us congratulate four of our faculty members chosen to join this academy!

Another academic year is coming to end, which means it's time to recognize individuals who have exemplified excellence in teaching during the year.  Three teaching awards were given out and we are proud to announce the recipients are all GIM faculty members! 

We sat down with Eugene Oddone, MD, to talk about his over 31-year career with Duke in our first ever Faculty Spotlight Video! Hear about his roles over the years, what hobbies he enjoys in his spare time, and his favorite thing about the division.

On February 2, a revered group gathered to celebrate the leadership transition of the Durhan VA Health Services Research Center, and Dr. Eugene Oddone's 19 years of success as director. Be sure to check out the photo gallery! 

Colleagues, both past and present, share their thoughts about Dr. Gene Oddone. 

This week the main results of a large NIH-funded trial on primary care-based interventions for osteoarthritis (OA), led by multiple GIM investigators, was published in Annals of Internal Medicine.

We want to share news about ongoing research in the Division of General Internal Medicine.

This year will mark the 30th year since Eugene Oddone, MD, MHS began his residency at Duke.


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