The August 17, 2021 session of Duke Medicine LEADS featured Kevin Shah, MD, MBA, presenting, "Health Care Finance and Payment Reform: How Do We Do That?"

The July 20, 2021 session of Duke Medicine LEADS featured David Ming, MD, presenting, "Systems of Care for Patients with Complex Health Needs: It’s Complicated."

The June 15, 2021 session of Duke Medicine LEADS featured Yousuf Zafar, MD, MHS, FASCO, presenting, "Intervening on the Financial Toxicity of Health Care."

The May 18, 2021 session of Duke Medicine LEADS featured Susan Spratt, MD, presenting, "Creating a Statewide Social Network to Improve Health Equity: NCCare360."

The April 20, 2021 session of Duke Medicine LEADS featured Suchita Shah Sata, MD, FACP, SFHM, presenting, "Upstream, Downstream, and Bridges Over Troubled Waters: Embracing High-Value Care."

The March 23, 2021 session of Duke Medicine LEADS featured Stephen Telloni, MD, and Noppon Setji, MD, presenting, "Where There's Smoke, Is There Fire? Two Systems-Based Approaches to Identifying Safety Issues and Improving Quality of Care at Duke."

The Feb. 23, 2021 session of Duke Medicine LEADS featured James Fox, MD, presenting "This is your brain on DIAGNOSIS."

The Jan. 26, 2021 session of Duke Medicine LEADS featured J. Bryan Sexton, PhD, presenting "Bite-Sized Coping During Times of Uncertainty."

The Dec. 15, 2020 session of Duke Medicine LEADS featured Kyle Rehder, MD, CPPS, presenting "Practical QI for the Busy Clinician."

Pearls and Takeaways from the Nov. 17, 2020 session of Duke Medicine LEADS featuring Richard Shannon, MD, on, "Leaning into Harm: The Evolving Partnership Between the Duke Quality System and Clinical Departments."

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