Duke Health is excited to announce a request for innovative pilot project proposals for high risk/high impact research in the area of the heart and disease.  Applications are due June 24, 2019.

Two new faculty in the Department of Medicine are among 12 in the School of Medicine who were recruited within the last year as part of the Translating Duke Health (TDH) initiative. These new faculty members—representing a spectrum of career stages—were recruited to Duke because of their expertise in numerous fields including transplantation, neurosurgery, gene therapy, HIV, and more.  

Duke Health is pleased to announce its first Translating Duke Health call for proposals for innovative approaches to supporting immune health. This RFP is designed to invest in transformative areas of research and technology where Duke Health can have the greatest impact on human health. Application deadline is March 1, 2019

The Translating Duke Health Cardiovascular Disease Initiative invites applications to participate in the poster session at this year’s symposium, “Keeping the Heart Young:  The Science of Cardiovascular Resistance, Resilience and Rejuvenation” on Saturday, Oct. 6, 2018. Application deadline: Sept. 14, 2018.

For most people, heart failure is a terminal condition but not for everyone. With a grant from Translating Duke Health, Ravi Karra, MD, is bringing together Duke researchers from basic scientists to clinical researchers to try to find biomarkers that can identify these patients and improve patient outcomes.

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