The Durham VA Evidence Synthesis Program (ESP) will be joining the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic by conducting rapid evidence reviews prompted by real-time clinical questions from the field.

In case you missed these, DGIM authors recently have appeared in JAMA, in the Annals of Internal Medicine, and also the Journ

Systematic review in the Annals of Internal Medicine: self-management strategies modestly improve the quality of life for adults with epilepsy, but are unlikely to reduce seizure rates.

We have 7 awards and 9 recipients for our GIM Excellence Awards!

Cochrane UK hosted the 25th Cochrane Colloquium at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre in Scotland, September 16-18.

Dr. John Williams just returned from an exciting trip to China, teaching a clinical research methods course to the local physicians

DGIM Professor of Medicine, John WIlliams, MD, presents HSR&D CyberSemniar this past Wednesday.

GIM Professor of Medicine, John Williams, MD, MHS, co-authored a recent online first article in the Journal of General Internal Medicine entitled, Behavioral Health Integration into Primary Care: a Microsimulation of Financial Implications for Practices.

First published online April 4, 2017, at Annals.org, this "Ideas and Opinions" article with Dr. John Williams as co-author now appears in the May 16, 2017, issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine. 

Back in March, John Williams, MD,  traveled to his old stomping grounds at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (UT Health) to do a visiting professorship for a day.


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