Duke GIM has recently received two generous philanthropic gifts that will help accelerate our Division: one for the Duke Diet and Fitness Center and one for Duke Primary Care. 

A low-cost program for maintaining weight loss. That’s what our DGIM researchers learned and published February 21, 2017, online in the prestigious medical journal, the Annals of Internal Medicine. The senior author, Dr. Will Yancy, Jr., is joined by 8 others from Duke, plus one formerly from Duke, the paper’s first author, Dr. Corinne Voils.

This week the main results of a large NIH-funded trial on primary care-based interventions for osteoarthritis (OA), led by multiple GIM investigators, was published in Annals of Internal Medicine.

Group visits have been around more than a decade, particularly for management of chronic illnesses such as diabetes.

William Yancy, MD, associate professor of medicine (General Internal Medicine) will

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