Listen to David Zaas, MD, MBA, tell his story about being diagnosed with leukemia and how important his family was to him during his treatment. Dr. Zaas told his story during the Department of Medicine's Voices of Medicine storytelling show in February 2018.

David Zaas, MD, MBA, chief medical officer for the PDC, Thomas Owens, MD  chief medical officer for DUHS, and Jeffrey Ferranti, MD, chief medic

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Jeffrey Ferranti, MD, chief medical information officer for DHTS, David Zaas, MD, MBA, chief medical officer for PDC, and Thomas Owens, MD, chi

David Zaas, MD, vice chair for clinical practice, and Tom Owens, MD, chief medical officer for DUHS, were among the health system leaders who discu

Duane Davis, MD, professor of surgery, at left, and

David Zaas, MD, MBA, assistant professor of medicine (Pulmonary, Allergy &

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