Vinay Choksi

Medical Instructor in the Department of Medicine
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University of Georgia

Medical School
Duke School of Medicine

What are your career goals?
I want to be a hospitalist at an academic center

What did you do the summer before internship?
Visited my grandmother in India and traveled to Thailand 

Duke trains residents to think broadly about each and every patient by giving the residents the autonomy they need to learn with back up when needed.

Vinay Choksi

Reflections on the Duke Program

What were you looking for in a residency program?
First and foremost I wanted a program that I knew would prepare me for my first day as an attending no matter what field I end up in. Apart from that, I wanted to train somewhere with multiple types of hospitals (VA, community) so that I could see different systems.

What are the strengths of the Duke program?
To me, Duke trains it's residents to think broadly about each and every patient by giving the residents the autonomy they need to learn with back up when needed. On every team I've been on thus far, each member was able to teach me something to become a better physician for my patients because each attending and resident has a unique research or teaching experience that shapes their view on medicine.

What are your observations about the relationships between faculty and house staff? 
I find that the faculty truly respect that house staff and want them to be the leaders of the team. Often, even after rounding, I have noticed that the majority of the plan was decided by house staff.

Tell us about your co-interns. How long did it take to connect? 
From the first day of orientation, I knew that I would have fun hanging out with my co-interns. However, I first felt connected to my co-interns after receiving sign out on some of my patients from the night intern. Seeing how my co-interns cared for my patients overnight reminded me that these are the people that I want to help me in the future. 

What has surprised you most about Duke? 
Although I went to medical school here, the thing that surprises me the most about Duke is how many people have zero connection to North Carolina or the area, but come to Duke and fall in love with the hospital and the area.

About Duke University and Durham

What's best about living in Durham and the Triangle? 
Durham is an amazing place to live because it has a wide variety of things to do at the fraction of the cost of most places. Plus with Raleigh and Chapel Hill so close, there is always a new restaurant or concert to go to. My favorite things to do include going on hikes along the Eno, disc golfing on courses throughout the triangle and enjoying the food scene.

How does the Triangle appeal to people of diverse backgrounds? 
Because of Duke, UNC, and NC State, the Triangle has many people moving at different stages of life. This keeps the area constantly updating with people and with the people come great food and events. 

Where did you choose to live, and why? 
After living walking distance to the school for 4 years, I wanted to live in new part of Durham. Being in downtown Durham, I can easily explore the new restaurants and shops opening up downtown, walk to a Bulls game, or quickly get over to Raleigh.

Based on your life, what advice would you give about moving to Durham? 
Moving from Atlanta, I would tell people that you'll quickly get used to never having traffic and it spoils driving everywhere else. The only time I've ever hit real traffic was when the Krispy Kreme opened up near the hospital and on my way to the State Fair in the fall.

What do you like to do outside of medicine? 
I love to be outdoors, usually on local hikes. Apart from that , I'm a huge coffee drinker and like doing work or meeting people at coffee shops near the hospital.