Research Development Council

The Department of Medicine Chair’s Office sponsors the Research Development Council (RDC) to assist investigators as they develop and advance their research portfolios.

The RDC is led by Matt Crowley, MD (Associate Director for Clinical Research) and Xunrong Luo, MD, PhD (Associate Director for Basic/Translational Research). 

RDC Offerings

  1. Working with investigators across levels of training and research disciplines to connect them with resources, opportunities, and collaborators;

  2. Overseeing the Fellow Research Academy;

  3. Overseeing the CDA Community;

  4. Organizing high-level reviews of investigators' research proposals with expert faculty (Concept Reviews);

  5. Providing 1:1 mentoring and support for grant development (led by Irina Mokrova, PhD and John Williams, MD);

  6. Managing and coordinating internal grant funding opportunities (led by Christina Wyatt, MD and Chris Holley, MD, PhD);

  7. Facilitating biostatistical collaborations to improve investigators' research (led by Maren Olsen, PhD);

  8. Distributing information about local, government, foundation, and industry funding and development opportunities

Please reach out to Saini Pillai, MBA for information about how to engage with RDC offerings, or for any other questions at all!