Research Development Council

As a result of the discussions at the 2012 Medicine Research Retreat, the Department of Medicine Chair’s Office initiated the Research Development Council (RDC) to assist investigators as they develop and advance their research portfolios.

The RDC is being spearheaded by Xunrong Luo, MD, PhD, professor of medicine (Nephrology), pathology, immunology and surgery, serving as Chair for Basic/Translational Research, and Matt Crowley, MD, associate professor of medicine (Endocrinology, Metabolism, and Nutrition), serving as Chair for Clinical Research. 

RDC activities

Activities include:

  1. Reviewing and critiquing research plans and proposals of individual investigators (concept review);

  2. Identifying collaborators, alternative approaches, and technologies that may improve an investigator’s research;
  3. Distributing information about government, foundation, and industry funding and development opportunities;
  4. Assembling groups of investigators with common interests in order to develop new collaborative research projects;
  5. Facilitating the translation of basic science discoveries into diagnostics and therapeutics; and
  6. Facilitating the commercialization of discoveries made by individual investigators.

To support these activities, the RDC collects and shares the following:

  1. Research activities of investigators in the clinical and basic science departments;
  2. Current funding opportunities;
  3. Resources such as specimen repositories and clinical databases that promote the translation of basic to clinical research;
  4. The current interests of and development opportunities provided by industry and pharmaceutical companies; and
  5. Activities of the Office of Licensing and Ventures (OLV).

Get updates

To sign up for the weekly funding opportunities roundup, which includes links to recently released NIH and other FOAs and highlights opportunities for junior and new investigators, or to seek assistance from the RDC, send a message to Matthew CrowleyXunrong Luo, or Saini Pillai, program coordinator.