Fellow Research Academy

The Duke DOM Fellow Research Academy (FRA) is a longitudinal support program tailored for aspiring researchers. 

The FRA comprises four interrelated components:

  1. Longitudinal grant development workshop: Each fellow works within a curated small group under the guidance of an expert mentor to develop their own career development grant over the course of the year

  2. Career development guidance: Sessions with DOM researchers cover high-yield content that is customized for fellows in research

  3. Individual sessions with the DOM Research Development Council: Fellows meet individually with the Research Development Council for research feedback and review of DOM resources

  4. Networking within DOM: Participation fosters connections across DOM that will enhance fellow prospects for long-term research success.

The FRA complements each fellow’s existing mentorship team and Division/Fellowship support by providing tailored training and a sense of community with like-minded fellows across DOM.

Fellows engage in 2-3 hours of organized FRA activities each month. Fellows may participate continually in the FRA throughout their research years. There is no limit on participation duration.

The FRA has a strong interest in engaging fellows from groups that are historically underrepresented in medicine. NIH Research Supplements to Promote Diversity in Health-Related Research are among the grant types FRA participants will be encouraged to consider.

For additional details and questions, email Saini Pillai and the DOM Research Development Council.